October-November 1944 World War II Combat Interviews
of the 7th Armored Division:
Battle of the Canals
(area of Meijel, Nederweert, Ospel, Liesel and Neerkant, Holland)
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Battle of Canals, Operations of 7th Armored Division:
27 October - 7 November 1944, Meijel and Vicinity, Netherlands

(transcribed, annotated and fully indexed, with introduction)
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The Army's Information and Historical (I&H) troops assigned to 7th Armored Division conducted dozens of post-combat interviews after 7th Armored Division stopped a 27 October 1944 German attack centered on Meijel, Netherlands, and then began driving the Germans back over the following week of November 1944.

This book contains the following sections:

  • Modern-day introduction and background by Wesley Johnston
  • Robert E. Merriam's contemporary "Battle of Canals" narrative (includes 2 maps)
  • Robert E. Merriam's notes used in preparing the "Battle of Canals" narrative

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